Sustainable raw materials

Capsol Sustainability

To match the growing market demand for products with reduced environmental impact, Capsol has introduced the use of Bio-based and recycled raw materials.

All capsules produced and distributed are available in 98% recycled PP, produced in Italy and Remade in Italy® certified. The performance and availability of colors are not altered, in fact our recycled PP guarantees high performance and transparency and is suitable for the most varied uses.

Biopolymers, in particular PLA (Polylactic Acid), allow to significantly reduce the  emissions along the entire supply chain. It is also possible to produce biodegradable and/or compostable products with the same physical properties as traditional plastic materials, by using innovative raw materials derived from sustainable sources.

Biopolymers, approved for food contact, are suitable for both injection and blow molding and can be used in the most diverse industries such as cosmetics, detergents, food packaging, home care and industrial products.

Furthermore, Capsol has also introduced caps and bottles produced with recycled materials, deriving from both post-consumer recycling through a controlled supply chain and from industrial recycling.

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