New 60 ml packaging for e-liquids

Capsol, in line with the current trends in the e-liquid cigarette market, has developed a new packaging that recalls the traditional pocket flask (our reference 01F25).

The transposition of this packaging into a relatively new area such as the vaping, gives to this packaging a distinctive appeal.

In addition to the innovative aesthetics of a packaging that is comfortable to keep in your pocket, Capsol has thought about functionality for the end customer and the intermediate one.

The end customer will find it easy to take out the dropper and "vape" its favourite aroma.

This particular shape will have an added value also for the producers of e-liquids, since they can choose a product out of the ordinary and with a greater surface to put their logo and best describe their flavour.

Caps are available in various colours and shapes for a distinctive and out of the ordinary packaging

This packaging is ISO 8317 certified, according to the European Directive 2014/40 / EU

Capsol has conceived this product keeping in mind the functionality of a packaging that is ideal to "shake & vape" while at the same time keeping an eye on the aesthetic which innovates for its ties with the tradition.